Grants For Minority

The social connotation of the word minority can be an asset when seeking minority government grants. A minority is social group of people, oppressed or stigmatized on the basis of racial, ethnic, biological, or other characteristics such as disability or sexual difference. This is many times due to physical, cultural or sexual characteristics and these people are singled out from [...]

Minority Education Grants

education grants for minority, minority education grants, minority grants It is a simple fact of life: No education equals any opportunity for advancement, and fighting that disparity are several opportunities for minority education grants. A minority is social group of people, oppressed or stigmatized on the basis of racial, ethnic, biological, or other characteristics such as disability. Many times this [...]

Student Financial Grants

Many people owe their livelihoods and secondary education to student financial grants. Whether you are thinking about attending a trade school, community college or a large public university, the first step in your educational financial planning should be applying for grants for students. Student grants come in the form of cash reimbursement grants to trade schools, community colleges and public universities, [...]

Women Government Grants

You have come a long way baby – and good old Uncle Sam will help you go further if you take advantage of government grants for women. In our modern time, most women live their lives in a delicate balancing act of raising a child as a single parent, going to school and working, and many have stated their own [...]

Minority Business Grants

The recent economic collapse has created more new entrepreneurs’ than ever before – and many times badly needed startup capital comes from minority business grants. The Federal government assists minority groups by gifting minority business grants to minority business owners and to the disadvantaged at-large population.   A minority is social group of people, oppressed or stigmatized on the basis [...]

Training For Grants

Designed to aid unemployed or underemployed workers; veterans, older workers; minorities, women; …and just about everyone else are well kept little funding opportunities called training grants.  Your educational needs and background will determine which program will work best for you and of course, for which grants you qualify. Here, we cover some of the better funded opportunities in both the federal [...]

Business Women Grant

The number of women in business is growing by leaps and bounds thanks in part to the availability of small business grants for women. The SBA has the authority to make grants to non-profit and educational organizations in many of its counseling and training programs, but it does not have authority to make grants to small businesses directly. While it [...]

Technology Grants

Whether it is helping schools or nonprofit organizations get better computers, or partially funding a new super powerful electron microscope for clinical research, everyone benefits from the award of technology grants. The United States federal government awards technology grants from its two main award arms: The U.S. Department of Education and the National Science Foundation. Many private and corporate foundations [...]

Minority Hispanic Grants

The Latino and Hispanic population is the second largest defined minority in the United States, yet the most disparaged in relation to minority Hispanic grants. Long misidentified as agricultural and low wage earners, this sometimes forgotten population bears the brunt of economic hardship. The United States federal government in concert with private and corporate foundations has recognized that in order [...]

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Personal Grants

Personal grants are defined as monetary grants for personal assistance. Personal grants come in the form of individual grants and assistance and monetary awards to a second party like medical clinics, dentists and electric companies to help cover specific incurred costs. Here, we explore both personal grants and grants for personal assistance. Personal grants can be awarded by any entity [...]

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