Applying for Grants

Even in this harsh economy there is funding available from both the government and private sectors and it all starts with completing the various grant applications. Applications for grants run the gamut from very simple to the more complex government grant applications. Here, we take an in-depth look at the various applications for grants. The World Wide Web has changed [...]

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Grant Research

Many times organizations pay thousands of dollars to professionals who have been taught in college how to write and research grants. These professionals are assigned the tedious, time consuming and the often time mundane task of scouring federal government and private foundations in search of everything from supplemental funding for animal shelters to research grants. In this time of economic [...]

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Research Grants

New medical, scientific and humanitarian modalities and inventions are discovered on a regular basis thanks to research grants. Federal research grants to cure illness and disease, explore space and build affordable and sustainable housing are all funded by government research grants. Scientists, humanitarians and medical professionals all start their quest at the same place, by doing grant research. Government research [...]

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How To Grant Write

The art of Grantsmanship is exacting, time consuming, yet very exciting for anyone who wants to do their own grant writing. Easily mastered with diligence and practice, learning how to grant write is really just a matter of following a few simple, but standard rules which most granting agencies mandate. Here we take a look at the basic format of how [...]

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