Grants For Home

The economic expansion of the last decade obscured certain trends and statistics which point to an increased, not decreased, need for home grants. Generally speaking, the average American household cannot afford to pay more than thirty percent of its annual income for housing. Families who pay more than the thirty percent benchmark are considered cost-burdened and many times have difficulty [...]

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Government Grants For Housing

Good old Uncle Sam is a prime provider of personal and institutional funding for those seeking housing government grants. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, several valuable resources are available to the consumer in addition to those seeking housing government grants. As a grant seeker in the United States, your first stop should be the U.S. [...]

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Grants For Real Estate

Federal and select private funding opportunities afford communities, townships, state and local governments and in rare specific cases, individuals to either reclaim, build or rebuild, or expand lands, dwellings and businesses serving the greater public need in the form of real estate grants. Good old Uncle Sam, the federal government invests more money in this arena than do private foundations. [...]

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Grants For Low Income Housing

Whether you need money to pay for property or real estate now is the time to take action if you are looking for grants for low income housing. Low interest loans, down payment assistance and several other opportunities are available through private foundations and the United States federal government in support of low income housing grants to individuals and charities [...]