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Grants For Home

The economic expansion of the last decade obscured certain trends and statistics which point to an increased, not decreased, need for home grants. Generally speaking, the average American household cannot afford to pay more than thirty percent of its annual income for housing. Families who pay more than the thirty percent benchmark are considered cost-burdened and many times have difficulty [...]

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Government Grants For Housing

Good old Uncle Sam is a prime provider of personal and institutional funding for those seeking housing government grants. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, several valuable resources are available to the consumer in addition to those seeking housing government grants. As a grant seeker in the United States, your first stop should be the U.S. [...]

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Grants For Real Estate

Federal and select private funding opportunities afford communities, townships, state and local governments and in rare specific cases, individuals to either reclaim, build or rebuild, or expand lands, dwellings and businesses serving the greater public need in the form of real estate grants. Good old Uncle Sam, the federal government invests more money in this arena than do private foundations. [...]

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Church Grants

Religious and spiritual organizations often provide programs and services and often a needed life-line to the population they serve, and therefore turn to private foundations and the federal government for much needed grants for churches. Funding for religious organizations, also called church grants, are widely available from both the private sector and the federal government. These grants for churches are [...]

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Government Grants For Community

Traditional values plus hard work equals sweat equity, and that’s exactly what agencies of all kinds look for when looking over applications for available community grants. A community grant is funding at a set amount solely designated to achieve a specific purpose within a local community to promote quality of life standards. Community grants are usually awarded to 501-C-3 organizations, [...]

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Disabled Grants

Addressing disabilities within the American population are among the least federally funded grant vehicles for those seeking disability grants. More often than not, individuals seeking disabled grants experience much more success with local and regional charities. While the federal government provides aid to those with disabilities, more corporate and private foundations provide grant assistance to people seeking disability grants. Within [...]

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Grants to Start College

College grants come in many forms and from many sources. Private, high profile college costs can easily top $20,000 an year for a four year degree. Due to the current high unemployment rate, student loans are becoming a much less popular form of financing an education. The idea of graduating with debt in the six-figure category, with no prospects for [...]

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Education Grants

Many people owe their college education and associated livelihood to education grants. One of the most considerable financial outlays incurred during a person’s lifetime is their college education expenses. The cost of pursuing a four year degree in some majors now averages just under $60,000. Educational grants are essentially gifts and do not have to be paid back. They have helped hundreds [...]

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Grants for Teachers

Grants for teachers are some of the more numerous and better funded areas within the grant community. Education is an area every one can support, and there are grants to help teachers continue with postgraduate degrees, to fund projects, to teach overseas, and to pay for classroom materials among others. In this area, there are many choices both inside and [...]

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Grants For Minority

The social connotation of the word minority can be an asset when seeking minority government grants. A minority is social group of people, oppressed or stigmatized on the basis of racial, ethnic, biological, or other characteristics such as disability or sexual difference. This is many times due to physical, cultural or sexual characteristics and these people are singled out from [...]