Applying for Grants

Even in this harsh economy there is funding available from both the government and private sectors and it all starts with completing the various grant applications. Applications for grants run the gamut from very simple to the more complex government grant applications. Here, we take an in-depth look at the various applications for grants. The World Wide Web has changed [...]

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Business Expansion

Entrepreneur’s, sole proprietors and corporations alike have one thing in common: They all qualify for business expansion grants. In these volatile and ever changing economic times, if a business fails to grow and evolve in serving the needs of the community, they won’t be in business long. People who have disposable income spend their money wisely and the savvy business [...]

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Business Grants

Billions of dollars at both the federal and state levels are awarded to savvy business owners who seek to expand an existing business or add needed diversity to their services using business grants. There are well over 900 business grants programs offered by twenty six federal grant-making agencies within the federal government. While private sector foundations focus on non-profit charities, [...]

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Business Women Grant

The number of women in business is growing by leaps and bounds thanks in part to the availability of small business grants for women. The SBA has the authority to make grants to non-profit and educational organizations in many of its counseling and training programs, but it does not have authority to make grants to small businesses directly. While it [...]

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Church Grants

Religious and spiritual organizations often provide programs and services and often a needed life-line to the population they serve, and therefore turn to private foundations and the federal government for much needed grants for churches. Funding for religious organizations, also called church grants, are widely available from both the private sector and the federal government. These grants for churches are [...]

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College Grants

In today’s economy, the tough job market almost mandates that you possess a college education and is sending people scrambling in search of college grants. In a world where the Associate degree is now equal to a high school diploma, many prospective students are using every means at their disposal to get that secondary education under their belt. Here, we [...]

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