Minority Business Grants

The recent economic collapse has created more new entrepreneurs’ than ever before – and many times badly needed startup capital comes from minority business grants. The Federal government assists minority groups by gifting minority business grants to minority business owners and to the disadvantaged at-large population.  

A minority is social group of people, oppressed or stigmatized on the basis of racial, ethnic, biological, or other characteristics such as disability. Many times this is due to physical or cultural characteristics and these people are singled out from the others in the society and many times subjected to unequal treatment. This unpleasant fact of life is recognized by the federal government and private granting agencies that provide minority business grants.

  • Gender and sexuality minority business grants

Gender and sexuality inequality has played an important role in American history. As attitudes turn more to acceptance, minority business grants for women and the sexual minority find there are more opportunities available than ever before in history. Some of the private foundations offering business grants for minorities in this category are:

Altrusa International Foundation

The Altrusa International Foundation is a not-for-profit, philanthropic corporation devoted to contributing to human well-being. Beneficiaries include both women and men.

Ms. Foundation for Women

The Ms. Foundation for Women has been creating minority business grants opportunities for women for three decades.

Arcus Foundation

Provides business grants for minorities through several funds, including the Arcus Fund, Gay & Lesbian Fund, Great Apes Fund, and the National Fund.

  • Religious minority business grants

The right to practice freedom of religion is guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. Freedom of religion is supported by many philanthropic foundations providing business grants for minorities such as:

Sigrid Rausing Trust Foundation

This fund supports various minorities by offering grants in women’s issues, social justice and specific issues and minority business grants

  • Age business grants for minorities

These are business grants for minorities who reach age sixty five and older. The U.S. federal government works to provide support in all areas of aging, including offering several types of assistance to those in the U.S. population who reach age sixty five or older.

  • People with disabilities minority business grants

The Anschutz Family Foundation

The Anschutz Family Foundation supports Colorado nonprofit organizations that assist people to help themselves while nurturing and preserving their self-respect.

The Disability Funders Network

The basic needs of people with disabilities are not very different from those of other groups: they include employment, health care, education, family services, housing, transportation and participation in the arts and community activities. This foundation works with each individual to assess and help provide for all areas enhancing quality of life.

Many times due to physical or cultural characteristics people are singled out from the others in the society and subjected to unequal treatment, including the opportunity to own and run a profitable business. Minority business grants are available from a wide range of federal and private resources for those who put forth the effort to seek them out. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you don’t qualify for business grants for minorities,
because you never know until you look.