Church Grants

Religious and spiritual organizations often provide programs and services and often a needed life-line to the population they serve, and therefore turn to private foundations and the federal government for much needed grants for churches. Funding for religious organizations, also called church grants, are widely available from both the private sector and the federal government. These grants for churches are [...]

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Government Grants For Community

Traditional values plus hard work equals sweat equity, and that’s exactly what agencies of all kinds look for when looking over applications for available community grants. A community grant is funding at a set amount solely designated to achieve a specific purpose within a local community to promote quality of life standards. Community grants are usually awarded to 501-C-3 organizations, [...]

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Disabled Grants

Addressing disabilities within the American population are among the least federally funded grant vehicles for those seeking disability grants. More often than not, individuals seeking disabled grants experience much more success with local and regional charities. While the federal government provides aid to those with disabilities, more corporate and private foundations provide grant assistance to people seeking disability grants. Within [...]

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Grants Based On Faith

The Federal Government has assumed a new and refreshing position in interacting with and providing religious based affiliations with both the tools they need and increased opportunities to win faith based grants. Once dismissed at the federal level, religious oriented human service programs have shown to be a creditable and reliable provider of services in which Uncle Sam has taken [...]

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Non-Profit Grants

To keep primary missions alive and in service to the greater public good, not for profit entities depend on all types of nonprofit funding. Grants for nonprofit organizations such as trusts and foundations provide bulk funding which can then be granted in-turn to smaller charities. Nonprofit government grants are also a viable form of nonprofit funding. A nonprofit organization is [...]

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