Government Grants For Foundation

As required by federal law, the United States federal government must offer a percentage of its collected revenue to its citizenry in support of the greater public good, and Uncle Sam accomplishes this task by offering what is known as government foundation grants. Supplying funding opportunities in the areas of health and human services, labor and workforce education and other areas of vital importance, foundation government grants have become a valuable resource to the population.

Now more diversified than ever before, the United States government offers government foundation grants via its many arms, or individual entities which as a whole make up our federal governmental system. National Endowment for the Humanities offers government foundation grants in support of its National Digital Newspaper Program. The National Institutes of health offers a wide variety of foundation government grants in support of its efforts to research and cure diseases like cancer, HIV and heart, lung and blood disorders. Even the National Parks Service is getting into the game by offering government grants for foundation to hire and train park technicians who may be interested in exploring forestry as a career.

Other federal entities cannot be ignored when searching for foundation government grants. Some of the better funded and more prolific government foundation grants awarding entities are:

  • The National Endowment for the Arts
  • The Health Resources & Services Administration
  • The Middle East Partnership Initiative
  • Naval Supply Systems Command
  • The Economic Development Administration; and,
  • The Agency for Health Care Research and Quality

The Drug Free Communities program offers government foundation grants, reflecting the Obama Administration’s commitment to preventing youth substance abuse before it starts. The federal government project Rising Voices recently opened its arms by offering government grants for foundation opportunities to be passed down to the individual level in support of underrepresented communities currently unable to take advantage blogging and local non-professional news reporting via the Internet.

Supporting summer medical and dental education programs, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness and violence against women and children, the United States federal government must offers government foundation grants in support of the greater public good. Passed down to the state and local levels, and usually managed by private foundations whose primary mission matches the needs of the specific federal government agencies: foundation government grants fund many needed and worthwhile projects and services provided by everyone from faith based resources to community activism at the grass roots levels.

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