Training For Grants

Designed to aid unemployed or underemployed workers; veterans, older workers; minorities, women; …and just about everyone else are well kept little funding opportunities called training grants.  Your educational needs and background will determine which program will work best for you and of course, for which grants you qualify. Here, we cover some of the better funded opportunities in both the federal and private award sectors in grants for training.

Whether you are just preparing to enter the workforce, obtain funding to further your skills, or maybe even need retraining in now obsolete skills, there are many training grants available to just about everybody. The most widely used training grant is the Pell grant. The Federal Pell Grant Program provides need based training for grants to low income undergraduate as well as occupation specific post-baccalaureate students to

promote access to postsecondary education.

The Federal Trade Assistance Act is designed to provide reemployment services in the form of training grants to workers who have lost jobs as a result of imports from overseas and shifts of production to other countries due to foreign completion. Eligible workers may also receive classroom and on the job training, trade readjustment allowances and relocation and job search payments. The Workforce Development Act provides training grants to eligible disadvantaged and dislocated workers.  These grants average about $4,000.00 each and cover the cost of tuition. Students can continue to

collect unemployment insurance, welfare or food stamps while attending school.

The federal government also provides grants for training or retraining in the areas of:

  • Alcoholism training grants for treatment providers
  • Drug abuse grants for training for treatment providers
  • Mental health training grants for treatment providers
  • Law enforcement training grants for advanced training
  • Family planning services
  • Occupational safety
  • Physical fitness for groups and individuals
  • Program development training grants for businesses and organizations

In the private and corporate funding sectors, there are several foundations which offer training for grants to groups, organizations and individuals.

  • The A.C. Ratshesky Foundation is committed to fostering economic and social justice for low and moderate income families residing in Boston and its surrounding communities offering training grants in the fields of childcare, education, and arts and culture.
  •  The Chevron Foundation awards grants for training in the areas of providing for basic human needs, supporting education and related training costs, and aiding small to medium size business development.
  • The DeBusk Foundation provides training grants to gifted students twelve years of age and under. Grants are made to educational organizations for the purpose of direct enrichment of gifted students.
  • The Family Care Foundation provides humanitarian services and grants for training to grassroots organizations in developing countries. The Foundation International Relief and Development includes training grants for medical programs, computer literacy and grants for training the physically challenged population.

While your educational needs and background will determine which program will work best for you and of course, for which training for grants you qualify, there are funding opportunities available from a wide range of resources in many areas. As always, your first stop should be the federal government grants portal Grants.Gov to check out

available grants for training.