Minority Hispanic Grants

The Latino and Hispanic population is the second largest defined minority in the United States, yet the most disparaged in relation to minority Hispanic grants. Long misidentified as agricultural and low wage earners, this sometimes forgotten population bears the brunt of economic hardship. The United States federal government in concert with private and corporate foundations has recognized that in order to improve quality of life, they must offer more minority Hispanic grants.

Uncle Sam offers minority Hispanic grants in several areas earmarked for the entire population:

  • Pell Grant

Despite of the fact that the Hispanic and Latino population now outnumbers the African American population in the United States, the percentage of Hispanics who seek higher education at any level remains disturbingly in disproportion. While the federal Pell Grant is available to all students who qualify, the disproportionate numbers are taken into consideration.

  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

Quite similar to the federal Pell Grant, the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant provides up to four thousand dollars per school year to qualified undergraduates in the form of minority Hispanic grants for education. This can also include help with living and transportation expenses and for those who qualify this minority Hispanic grant can help cover other day to day expenses as well.

  • Academic Competitiveness Grant

The Academic Competitiveness Grant provides seven hundred and fifty dollars in minority Hispanic grants for the first year of study and one thousand and three hundred dollars for the second year. To be eligible for each academic year, a student must be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen; be a Federal Pell Grant recipient and be enrolled at least half-time in a degree seeking program at an accredited institution of higher learning.

Other minority Hispanic grants are offered at the private and corporate levels. One such granting entity is The Community Foundation of Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rico Community Foundation is a philanthropic vehicle created expressly for the purpose of applying the necessary energies and resources required in all areas of life to confront the major socio-economic problems facing people of Latino and Hispanic decent. Offering minority Hispanic grants to qualified recipients, as well as other much needed services, this foundation is an excellent community resource.

Another often overlooked, but very worthy resource when seeking minority Hispanic grants is the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley. The Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley is a public foundation which is dedicated to inspiring community philanthropy and engaging Hispanic people to invest in the health, educational achievement, and leadership development of a thriving Hispanic community in Silicon Valley. Partnering with National Hispanic University, Catholic Charities and CompassPoint among others, this well managed minority Hispanic grants provider has helped thousands of people
change their lives for the better.

The Latino Community Foundation values are expressed in the cornerstone of organizational culture and include minority Hispanic grants to small to mid-size community based organizations that provide direct services and advocacy to Latino and Hispanic families in need in all areas of life.

Long misidentified as agricultural and low wage earners, this sometimes forgotten population bears the brunt of economic hardship in the United States, and more and more, organizations are reaching out in support. Whether it’s help with education and the expenses involved, or medical issues presented as the Latino and Hispanic population grows older – if you look hard enough you will find financial assistance through minority Hispanic grants.

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