Grants to Start College

College grants come in many forms and from many sources. Private, high profile college costs can easily top $20,000 an year for a four year degree. Due to the current high unemployment rate, student loans are becoming a much less popular form of financing an education. The idea of graduating with debt in the six-figure category, with no prospects for [...]

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Education Grants

Many people owe their college education and associated livelihood to education grants. One of the most considerable financial outlays incurred during a person’s lifetime is their college education expenses. The cost of pursuing a four year degree in some majors now averages just under $60,000. Educational grants are essentially gifts and do not have to be paid back. They have helped hundreds [...]

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Grants for Teachers

Grants for teachers are some of the more numerous and better funded areas within the grant community. Education is an area every one can support, and there are grants to help teachers continue with postgraduate degrees, to fund projects, to teach overseas, and to pay for classroom materials among others. In this area, there are many choices both inside and [...]

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Minority Education Grants

education grants for minority, minority education grants, minority grants It is a simple fact of life: No education equals any opportunity for advancement, and fighting that disparity are several opportunities for minority education grants. A minority is social group of people, oppressed or stigmatized on the basis of racial, ethnic, biological, or other characteristics such as disability. Many times this [...]

Student Financial Grants

Many people owe their livelihoods and secondary education to student financial grants. Whether you are thinking about attending a trade school, community college or a large public university, the first step in your educational financial planning should be applying for grants for students. Student grants come in the form of cash reimbursement grants to trade schools, community colleges and public universities, [...]

Training For Grants

Designed to aid unemployed or underemployed workers; veterans, older workers; minorities, women; …and just about everyone else are well kept little funding opportunities called training grants.  Your educational needs and background will determine which program will work best for you and of course, for which grants you qualify. Here, we cover some of the better funded opportunities in both the federal [...]

Grants For Tuition

If you are like most folks, when looking for ways to finance a higher education, as well as savings and loans, you will consider tuition school grants. In this economy it can be hard to find ways to pay for classes, books and upkeep when you attend college or trade school, so one hard and firm option you need to [...]

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Women Education Grants

Women have come a long way over the years, but in the realm of higher education and industry-specific careers, women as a whole still remain, for the most part underrepresented in opportunities for education grants for women. Women many times disregard their own dreams early in life and are later challenged by their financial situation. Women who were not able [...]

College Grants

In today’s economy, the tough job market almost mandates that you possess a college education and is sending people scrambling in search of college grants. In a world where the Associate degree is now equal to a high school diploma, many prospective students are using every means at their disposal to get that secondary education under their belt. Here, we [...]

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