Free Grant Money

What if all you had to do was ask, and your college education was paid for with free grant money? Are you a business woman? Are you Native American? Is it your passion to research and find a cure for disease? While it does indeed take due diligence on your part, if you look hard enough almost any passion can be fulfilled by applying for free grants.

Free grant money is money “granted” to you or your organization that does not have to be repaid. Good old Uncle Sam, the federal government offers free grants to:

  • Free grants for minorities
  • Native Americans
  • For profit organizations
  • Free grant money for 501-C-3 not for profit organizations
  • Not for profit organizations without 501-C-3 status
  • Small businesses
  • Free grants for faith based organizations
  • Schools
  • Free grant money for Individuals

Minorities and Native American tribes can apply for free grants opportunities in almost every category. For profit and 501-C-3 not for profit organizations can apply for free grant money to further a cause or mission. Small businesses, faith based organizations and individuals can easily apply for free grants to expand current offerings or go to nursing school. The sky is limited only by your imagination when seeking free grant money.

While good old Uncle Sam does indeed love his citizens, we can’t forget or discount available free grants from private foundations and corporations. Businesses, organizations as well as communities can benefit from free grants offered by these entities.

The Americans for the Arts Emergency Relief Fund provides assistance to victims major disasters for the purpose of helping them rebuild the arts in their community. Since its inception the Bernard and Audre Rapoport Foundation has dedicated more than $40 million in free grants to improve the social fabric of life to organizations and individuals. The Charles Lafitte Foundation supports innovative and effective ways of helping people help themselves working in four main areas: education, children’s advocacy, medical research & issues, and the arts. The Dorsey & Whitney Foundation provides free grant money to aid those with limited resources with an emphasis on helping individuals gain access to our legal system, and collaborating with pro bono organizations.

Corporate foundations serve the greater public good by donating profits in the form of free grants. FishAmerica, in partnership with the NOAA Restoration Center, awards free grants to local communities and government agencies to restore habitat for marine and fresh water fish species. The Food Lion Charitable Foundation provides free grant money for programs and organizations dedicated to eliminating hunger. The Abbot Fund sponsored by Abbot Laboratories provides free grant money helping people gain otherwise unavailable access to health care, prescription medications and more. C4K, or Computers for Kids provides computers and computer use training for impoverished families and children as well as computer instruction in basic programs.

Whether you need food, affordable housing, help paying for your education or expanding a business as a minority, there is free grant money available from both Uncle Sam and other foundations. All you have to do is ask, and the world could easily be yours using free grants.

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