Applying for Grants

Even in this harsh economy there is funding available from both the government and private sectors and it all starts with completing the various grant applications. Applications for grants run the gamut from very simple to the more complex government grant applications. Here, we take an in-depth look at the various applications for grants.

The World Wide Web has changed the way most all granting agencies and foundations accept grant applications. It’s all about dedicating the money to the primary mission of the agency or foundation and that means saving money spent on postage and paper for grant applications. Two commonalities worth noting in both private and government grant applications are to: Address the primary mission statement for the use of funds, and follow the instructions to the absolute letter. Both take a hard look at your ability and willingness to follow sometimes exacting instructions when completing applications for grants.

A good example is the 1675 Foundation.  The 1675 Foundation makes grants to organizations that serve Chester County, Pennsylvania in the areas of health, human services, education, the environment and the arts. When this foundation accepts grant applications, it requires a set and specific format be followed or the application for grants will be summarily rejected. They also accept what is known as a Delaware Valley Grantmakers Common Grant Application as an alternative. Furthermore, they are very strict in the attachments included inside the grants applications as well – so be sure not to over-include or under-include materials.

Another good example is Responsible Sports Community Grants program. This specific program offers funding for quality sports initiatives and requires an independent certificate of audit for your program to be included with your application for grants.

More complex and a bit harder to win, but well worth the effort to submit are government grants applications. When awarded, applications for government grants usually yield a greater sum of money, but you will earn that funding in spades. Government grants applications consist of many parts which usually consist of:

  • A thesis statement. The thesis statement in government grants applications is made up of one or two simple sentences defining your mission statement and organizational objectives.
  • Specific aims. Specific aims inside government grants applications are your measurable program outcomes their awarded funds will be used for.
  • Research synopsis, if the grant is a research grant.
  • Biosketch – a biosketch of all key players must be included with most applications for all government grants.
  • Budget – The budget need to be direct-cost related and no-nonsense.

All private and federal government grants applications share similar requirements in some form or another. All granting institutions want to know their money will be used to accomplish a greater good in-line with a set primary mission. Remember to read and more importantly, follow the instructions to the letter when submitting all applications for grants.

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