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Many times organizations pay thousands of dollars to professionals who have been taught in college how to write and research grants. These professionals are assigned the tedious, time consuming and the often time mundane task of scouring federal government and private foundations in search of everything from supplemental funding for animal shelters to research grants.

In this time of economic uncertainty and strife, corporations and not for profit organizations are cutting back on spending by learning how to research grants themselves. With the advent and popularity of the World Wide Web, anyone with a fairly fast computer and an Internet connection can look up most available grants for research on the web. Private foundations, corporate foundations and most importantly the federal government now have easy access available to anyone who cares to take a look and research grants available for their specific need.

The first thing you want to do is define keywords relating to your cause. Keywords are used to research grants opportunities in at the federal, private and corporate levels. Using specific keywords, you can locate grants for businesses, research grants available to not for profit 501-C-3 organizations as well as medical, scientific and technical grants for research which are offered by the United States federal government.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation provides a free and easy to use way to research available medical grants that are in-line with neuromuscular and brain disorders. Another fantastic and free source for anyone seeking grants for research is FundsNet.
At FundsNet, you can research grants available from all private, corporate and federal entities and agencies by entering a simple keyword and choosing the “search” button.

The federal government grants and federal opportunities Internet Portal Grants.Gov is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking funding specific to grants for research. Outside of pharmaceutical companies and major corporations, Uncle Sam provides the largest offered publicly available database for government grants for research. The Federal Department of Commerce, DARPA – the Defense Sciences Office, the National Institutes for Health; the Centers for Disease Control and the National Science Foundation are the most prolific federal entities offering research grants for everything from new economic financial algorithms to cure for illness and disease. Every year millions upon millions of dollars are made available in the form of research grants from these specific federal government entities alone.

Other lesser known federal agencies like the National Fish and Wildlife Service, the federal Microsystems Technology Office and the National Institute of Standards and Technology offer sparse yet large amount in the government research grant arena.

Whether your researching grants for a business, an organization – or you’re actually seeking grants for research in fighting illness and disease, there are many opportunities and ways available to seek out your best fit.

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