Business Expansion

Entrepreneur’s, sole proprietors and corporations alike have one thing in common: They all qualify for business expansion grants. In these volatile and ever changing economic times, if a business fails to grow and evolve in serving the needs of the community, they won’t be in business long. People who have disposable income spend their money wisely and the savvy business owner will explore grants to expand business offerings by exploring business expansion grants.

World’s leading producer of aluminum and aluminum products, Alcoa and its community foundation is one of the largest corporate foundations in the U.S., with assets totaling over 436 million dollars. The Alcoa Foundation offers many forms of grants to expand business and educate workers. The Arkansas Black Hall of Fame Foundation makes annual business expansion grants designated to support programs that address challenges and opportunities in the African–American community within the state of Arkansas. The Battle Creek Community Foundation is a public foundation built by individuals, families and businesses that care about their community and offer local entrepreneurs grants to expand business outreach. Another great private foundational resource offering annual business expansion grants is the Citi Foundation. The Citi Foundation offers grants to expand business in the areas of microfinance and  icroenterprise. While private foundational grants are far and few between, if you put forth the effort your efforts will pay off, especially when seeking business expansion grants.

Another popular alternative is good old Uncle Sam. is your online destination to begin your search for grants to expand business. Employment and Training Administration offers business expansion grants to train new workers and retrain old employees. Federal government business grants and opportunities are offered in the areas of health, technology and infrastructure supply and support. The National Institutes of Health offers many Information Technology grants to expand business in the area of computational technology and biomedical computational science. Community mental health providers and centers can often times secure business expansion grants from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development program.

Don’t forget about grants to expand business through direct profit is also available at the state level. A good example is the Construction of State Home Facilities program, sponsored by the federal government. Federal funds which can be used indirectly as business expansion grants are allocated to individual states. In turn, these states accept construction bids which are in turn funded by the mandated allocations. Indirect grants to expand business can come in many forms for the business owner smart enough to take advantage of them.

Entrepreneur’s, sole proprietors and corporations can all benefit by researching and applying for business expansion grants at the private foundation, state and federal levels. The savvy business owner knows it’s important to make use of grants to expand business.

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