Grants For Health Care

Health care access and funding disparities inside our nation is an escalating issue and affecting the ever-increasing numbers of the unemployed seeking grants for health care. President Obama instituted changes in the way the federal government agencies, such as the Department of Health and Human Resources awards health care grants to the public. Outside of governmental assistance programs, private and corporate foundations, which are strapped for money due to the current economic situation in the United States, have begun to adopt policies which lean more to providing local 501-C-3 organizations with funding for cause-specific endeavors than general grants for health care.

Good old Uncle Sam hasn’t forgotten about the average American Joe – the backbone of the taxpaying public. The government fully understands that a taxpaying worker has to be a healthy worker in order to earn that paycheck. Health care grants from Uncle  am tend to come from Department of Health and Human Resources, the arm of the federal government charged with maintaining accessible public health services. In that light, federal grants for health care take on many forms, such as providing for health care worker education.  The Global Nurse Capacity Building Program is but one federally funded educational program fostering interest and education in the field of nursing. Other federal grants for health care are offered through the Rural Health Care Services Outreach Grant Program, which provides federal funds to state entities for distribution to local rural health care providers to fund low-income residents who do not have access to affordable health care.

Corporate foundations recognize the need to help eliminate health care disparities in the U.S. by health care grants. The Aetna Foundation addresses inequities in the health and health care of various racial and ethnic minorities in America. This corporate foundation also provides health care grants within the focus of repairing a fractured health care system and eliminating gaps in shared information within the health care system. The AstraZeneca Corporation partners with non for profit organizations to pass along funds for health care grants which promote expansion to healthcare access.

Private entities and foundations which offer grants for health care include The Beaumont Foundation.  The Beaumont Foundation is dedicated to enriching the lives and enhancing the futures of less fortunate children and youth, families and the elderly with a focus on improving education, health care and social services. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provide health care grants to aid research in the areas of preventable disease transmission and health care delivery. The Reeve Foundation Quality of Life Foundation awards grants for health care to non-profit organizations that provide services to individuals with paralysis.

Access to quality health care and health care grants funding disparities are directly tied to national economic stability. As more people lose their jobs, federal money for grants for health care decreases. Corporate and private foundations sometimes help provide urgently needed funding to state and local not for profit organizations which in turn help the average Joe – you and me – by passing along financial backing to provider agencies in the form of grants for health care.

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