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Government Grants For Foundation

As required by federal law, the United States federal government must offer a percentage of its collected revenue to its citizenry in support of the greater public good, and Uncle Sam accomplishes this task by offering what is known as government foundation grants. Supplying funding opportunities in the areas of health and human services, labor and workforce education and other [...]

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Foundation Grants

A foundation is an IRS designated not for profit organization which supports charitable activities that serve a common good in relation to a specific mission or cause, in turn supplying foundation grants. Foundation funding is many times created with endowments, or money donated or provided by individuals, families and corporations. They generally make grants and operate programs with the income [...]

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Free Government Grants

There’s an old saying that nothing in the world is free – maybe the guy who came up with that old saying didn’t know about free government grants. Free government money in the form of federal funding opportunities is available for minorities, businesses, individuals, communities, not for profit organizations, faith based organizations and more. Why would anyone turn down free [...]

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Free Grant Money

What if all you had to do was ask, and your college education was paid for with free grant money? Are you a business woman? Are you Native American? Is it your passion to research and find a cure for disease? While it does indeed take due diligence on your part, if you look hard enough almost any passion can [...]

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Government Funding

When people think about government funding, their thoughts immediately turn to government grant funding. Good old Uncle Sam, the U.S. federal government offers several varied opportunities for businesses, individuals, not for profit organizations – even faith based organizations and local community groups. Congress funds billions of dollars every year in government grant funding so you can go to school, start [...]

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Government Grants

Financial assistance provided by specific federal agencies designed to carry out a public purpose for the greater overall good is the primary premise of government grants. Federal government grants are not to be confused with federal assistance or even federal loans to individuals, as these are entirely different financial vehicles. While the government does provide personal help to those who [...]

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Federal Grants

Several decades past, the U. S. Congress passed a bill allocating a specific percentage of all federal revenue collected be given back to its citizens in the form of federal government grant money to “support the public good of the United States”, and thus was born what we now call federal grant money. Also called federal funding opportunities, grants from [...]

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Federal Government Grants

Many years ago Congress passed a mandate stating that a certain percentage of the income collected by the federal government had to be made accessible to qualified recipients to benefit the greater good – and so was born federal government assistance. Federal government grants are not federal benefits or government entitlements. A federal grant is an award of financial assistance from a [...]

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Minority Education Grants

education grants for minority, minority education grants, minority grants It is a simple fact of life: No education equals any opportunity for advancement, and fighting that disparity are several opportunities for minority education grants. A minority is social group of people, oppressed or stigmatized on the basis of racial, ethnic, biological, or other characteristics such as disability. Many times this [...]

Student Financial Grants

Many people owe their livelihoods and secondary education to student financial grants. Whether you are thinking about attending a trade school, community college or a large public university, the first step in your educational financial planning should be applying for grants for students. Student grants come in the form of cash reimbursement grants to trade schools, community colleges and public universities, [...]