Business Expansion

Entrepreneur’s, sole proprietors and corporations alike have one thing in common: They all qualify for business expansion grants. In these volatile and ever changing economic times, if a business fails to grow and evolve in serving the needs of the community, they won’t be in business long. People who have disposable income spend their money wisely and the savvy business owner will explore grants to expand business offerings by exploring business expansion grants. Continue reading

Business Grants

Billions of dollars at both the federal and state levels are awarded to savvy business owners who seek to expand an existing business or add needed diversity to their services using business grants. There are well over 900 business grants programs offered by twenty six federal grant-making agencies within the federal government. While private sector foundations focus on non-profit charities, the federal government is now setting up to help select local service providers and regional materials suppliers grow and get back on their feet with by funding business grants opportunities available to those who qualify.
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College Grants

In today’s economy, the tough job market almost mandates that you possess a college education and is sending people scrambling in search of college grants. In a world where the Associate degree is now equal to a high school diploma, many prospective students are using every means at their disposal to get that secondary education under their belt. Here, we take a frank look at the many alternatives students are using to apply for and win various type of scholarships and college grants. Continue reading

Commerical Grants

In the business world location is everything when talking about commercial grants. In most cities in the United States, inner-city downtown areas are now defunct and downtrodden. For a business, a sure-fire way to keep income rolling in is to own business property of some sort. Right now the cost of commercial property is at a premium and the U. S. federal government is intent on driving the economy up using downtown revitalization efforts. If you’re willing to expend a little elbow grease, commercial grants can help your business plant a local solid foundation in these harsh economic times. Continue reading

Federal Government Grant

Many years ago Congress passed a mandate stating that a certain percentage of the income collected by the federal government had to be made accessible to qualified recipients to benefit the greater good – and so was born the federal government grant. Grants are not federal benefits or government entitlements. A federal grant is an award of financial assistance from a federal entity to a receiver to carry out a specific public purpose of support as authorized by a law. A federal government grant is not the same as federal assistance or government loans to individuals. Continue reading

How To Grant Write

The art of Grantsmanship is exacting, time consuming, yet very exciting for anyone who wants to do their own grant writing. Easily mastered with diligence and practice, learning how to grant write is really just a matter of following a few simple, but standard rules which most granting agencies mandate. Here we take a look at the basic format of how to grant write used by private and corporate foundations, as well as the more complicated government grant writing.
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Pell Grants

The Pell Grant program aids students who demonstrate a high financial need for financial aid to attend college – millions of people owe their college education to Pell Grants. The government Pell Grant is one of the most prevalent and effective financial aid instruments currently in existence in the United States. A college education is an integral component in providing for a well-rounded and secure life experience. It wasn’t always as easy as it is now to attend college, and the success of both the national economy and the quality of life experienced in this country can be attributed to the much
needed award of government Pell Grants. Continue reading

Grants For Women

It has been said for centuries now that women are special, and that has never been more evidenced than in modern time by the sheer availability of grants for women. Also called women grants, there are cash awards that federal and private entities provide to help women succeed in a sometimes challenging world. Continue reading

Women Government Grants

You have come a long way baby – and good old Uncle Sam will help you go further if you take advantage of government grants for women. In our modern time, most women live their lives in a delicate balancing act of raising a child as a single parent, going to school and working, and many have stated their own small business on the side to help make ends meet. Uncle Sam has taken note of your hard work and is ready to help make your life a little easier by offering government grants for women. Continue reading

Women Education Grants

Women have come a long way over the years, but in the realm of higher education and industry-specific careers, women as a whole still remain, for the most part underrepresented in opportunities for education grants for women. Women many times disregard their own dreams early in life and are later challenged by their financial situation. Women who were not able to finish college get a job, but they those jobs do not pay as well as those who finished their education using women education grants.
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