Grants For Low Income Housing

Whether you need money to pay for property or real estate now is the time to take action if you are looking for grants for low income housing. Low interest loans, down payment assistance and several other opportunities are available through private foundations and the United States federal government in support of low income housing grants to individuals and charities who help them.

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, several resources are available at the consumer level in addition to those seeking low income housing grants. Financed through grants for low income housing are special federal government programs designed to help John Q. Public with almost every conceivable need from existing repair to new home purchase. Select private and corporate foundations also offer help with grants for low income housing.

The Very Low-Income Housing Repair program offered by the federal government provides loans and grants for low income housing to homeowners in rural areas to repair and improve existing homes, or to remove health and safety hazards which may have accumulated over the years.

Low income housing grants funds in this program are only available to home owners aged sixty two and older and includes repairs or replacement of heating, plumbing or electrical services, roof or basic dwelling structure. This includes water and waste disposal systems, and weatherization upkeep. These grants for low income housing loans bear an interest rate of one percent and can be repaid over a period of up to 20 years.

Also offering grants for low income housing are the HUD Community Development Block Grant and Entitlement Communities Grants programs. Under this federal program, grants for low income housing are offered for the purposes of:

  • Purchase of real estate;
  • Relocation or demolition of existing property;
  • Activities related to construction of green grants for low income housing;
  • Job creation in the areas of construction, landscaping and home building.

Andersen Corporate Foundation is a highly visible corporate foundation provides low income housing grants for general operating, capital and program funding to qualified nonprofit organizations that provide community, social and support services to better people’s lives and strengthen communities. The Brownsville Community Foundation targets new and existing programs with the potential to address important local challenges and grants for low income housing initiates in Brownsville, Texas.

Citizens Financial Group Foundation supports numerous organizations through community and public relations departments that promote affordable housing through low income housing grants targeted to low and moderate income families and individuals. The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts helps qualified individuals and organizations in their geographical area through grants for low income housing.

Remember, even if you don’t qualify for low income housing grants, now is the time to take action. Resources provided by the U. S. federal government as well and corporate and private foundations can help make your dream of home ownership a reality when seeking grants for low income housing.

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