Business Government Grants

Whether you are starting out in a brand new business or are enjoying success in an already established venture, to help your business grow you need to take a look at currently available government grants for business. Congress mandates that the United States federal government make money available to businesses of all kinds, and even in this harsh economy, there are billions of dollars up for award for those who know how to ask for it. Let’s take a look at the areas that might be profitable for you when exploring business government grant opportunities.

Government grants for business are available at three levels: Federal, state and local. Like all grants, as long as the money is used to help your business grow and interject much needed dollars to the local economy, there is no requirement to pay the money back. Whether you’re looking to start a business, grow your existing venture or expand and diversify your offerings, it will behoove you to look into all levels of available grants.

Business government grants at the federal level are the easiest to locate, yet the most complex to apply for. Grant opportunities offered by the federal government are easily viewable on the government web site and once you learn to spot them, it’s as simple as downloading the required forms and using your academic writing talents to fill in the blanks. Federal business government grant opportunities are widely available and as Obama’s economic recovery plan takes effect and trickles down, more money will be
turned loose at state and local levels.

State level government grants for business government grants are a fantastic resource to tap for you to identify shortages and workforce disparities within your specific state. Some of the already federally identified and state funded disparities are in the medical support, public health and nursing fields. In 2012, states will receive federal grant money to repair highways, bridges and state supported infrastructure that have long been neglected. This equates into opportunities for supply lines in everything from workers clothing to food supply at the local level. Construction companies and mom and pop independent business owners alike will all be able to share in the trickle-down funds soon to be made available.

Government grants for business at the local level tend to focus on the environment, public safety, worker training and energy. As local municipalities contract local businesses to supply needed materials and services, local government grants and contracts are an excellent choice of both funding and business. Local municipalities are now conforming to state mandated compliance requirements in storm water management, construction, solid waste and recyclables, as well as in areas many businesses just don’t think of like recertifying  city and county workers in basic first aid and CPR. Don’t forget that local government business grants are available from municipalities to comply with federal green energy mandates.

Both grant and contract opportunities are available at the federal, state and local levels for the aspiring business owner who knows how to look for them. Matching business expertise with federal mandates at the state and local level can be exciting and prosperous for any business person seeking to grow or expand while taking advantage of business government grants.